Kerala State Lotteries Results You Need to see in 2017

Today’s topic for discussion is Kerala State Lotteries Results You Need to see in 2017 and is just about to end and holidays are just around the corner. Also, there are some Kerala State Lotteries Results that are a must watch just before the year ends. You can plan to watch these Indian Lottery Results with a bowl of popcorn to make these coming holidays worth it.

If you want to watch any Indian Lottery Luck, lottery number, TV serial or story; you can simply go to Kerala State TV. In this Kerala State Channel, you can watch any Kerala State Lotteries Luck of any genre for free and in a good audio and video quality.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best Kerala State Lotteries Luck of 2017 you need to see before this year ends.

Extra Service (2017)

If you like watching action and comedy Results, you should definitely watch Indian Lottery’s ‘Extra Service’. It is an action/ comedy genre Luck with a good story line and lots of funny scenes. Extra Service is directed by Chris Martinez and the full story is written by Alpha Habon.

Kerala State Lotteries Results

Extra Service stares the best stars Arci Munoz, Jessy Mandiola and Coleen Garcia.

This Luck features 3 three pretty massage therapist who works as secret agents at night time. The story will start when these three pretty masseuse were assigned a project of finding the three precious ‘Perlas Ng Silangan’ in the sake of their lives and freedom. While they find the three precious pearls, they will have to face many consequences and challenges.

Extra Service is rated as a top listed Kerala State Lotteries Luck of 2017. If you want to watch, you can log in on Kerala State TV anytime.

Can We Still Be Friends? (2017)

Can we still be friends is another top listed Indian Lottery Luck of 2017. It is directed by Prime Cruz and the story is written by Jen Chuaunsu. Can we still be friends is a romantic/ comedy genre Luck that stares Arci Munoz as Sam and Gerald Anderson as Digs.

This Luck is about a couple Sam and Digs that have been dating for eight straight years, and decided to break up. Digs is a straight and nerd kind of guy whereas Sam is an idealistic achiever. Sam is a fun kind of a person who had a lot of friends that become her lovers and then her exes.

After Sam and Digs breakup, they both face the dating world alone, but they still check on each other’s life and relationships constantly. This whole checking and dating other persons turned into a competition for who will find a new partner first.

The story will end on a happy note, when they both realize that they still love each other after all this time. To watch the whole Luck, you will have to watch the Indian Lottery’s Can we still be friends? On Kerala State TV.

Apart from these two Indian Lottery Results, you can watch any other Kerala State Lotteries Luck, lottery number or short story on Kerala State TV.



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